Using ADAS System functions MiniEye tracks the environment around the car helping drivers to prevent car accident, an event or occurrence.

Besides, MiniEye has recorder, storage and night vision functions as dashcams. 

Important note: MiniEye does not take control of the vehicle or keep the driver from operating it.



Is an advanced safety technology that monitors vehicle speed, the speed of the vehicle in front of it, and the distance between both vehicles. If vehicles get too close to each other due the speed of the front vehicle, the FCW system will warn the driver of an impending crash with a sound alarm.

Headway Monitoring and Warning



HMW system helps combat the effects of distraction, providing instant feedback to give drivers those critical few seconds needed to avoid a collision.

Global studies agree – around 90% of all accidents are caused by human error, with driver distraction or inattention the cause in around 80% of cases.



MiniEye camera detects the movements of people and two wheeled vehicles (bikes, motorcycles) sending alerts before an imminent collision, allowing the driver reacting timer .


Important: These systems are more effective at slower speeds. In some situations PCW may not be able to help avoid a collision, but this feature can help reduce the speed enough to make the impact more survivable.



MiniEye LDW Lane Departure Warning system uses a camera to monitor lane markings and detect when a vehicle is drifting out of its lane of traffic. When it detects that a vehicle is veering out of its lane, MiniEye warns the driver of the unintentional lane shifts so the driver can steer the vehicle back into its lane.



Minieye could provide continuous records or just event data recorder according to the configuration chosen. Those archives could help in case of accidents or just to register a road trip.

Sharp curves warning

MiniEye warns drivers when approaching a curve.

Drivers may not always remember to reduce their speed before taking a sharp curve. Or, if it’s late at night or the driver is unfamiliar with the area, they may not realize they’re about to enter a curve. This feature tracks the car’s speed and location, via GPS, and warns the driver to slow down when approaching curves and exits.

stop & go

reminder for the vehicle ahead

Innovative Stop & Go reminder system alerts when the car in front of you begins to move and you do not react quickly enough. This technology ensures drivers stay alert at traffic lights or in traffic jams, helping to reduce the chance of a car accident and the irritation of the driver behind you.

night vision

MiniEye night vision systems help drivers better understand the road environment at night or in low visibility, detecting obstacles and pedestrians providing screen enhanced images based on artificial intelligence.

real time visibility

MiniEye provides real-time, high quality visibility of all environments outside the vehicle, all transmitted to MiniEye's display and MiniEye's APP.


MiniEye also enables you to take photos as well. This also can be highly useful in the case of an accident or to capture some image that drivers need to. These images can be extracted from the memory card in the same way as the video footage.


MiniEye storage was designed to automatically overwrite the oldest files, maintaining just events videos on micro TF card storage media until the media fills up.

Micro TF memory cards support 16~128GB.


This useful function offers protection while you're away from your car. Not only from collisions with other drivers who may bump into your vehicle and leave the scene, but also to discourage people who may be looking to break into or steal your car.


Since 2013 MINIEYE is dedicated to provide reliable sensing and decision-making solutions for vehicles automation using AI.

Our mission is help reduce traffic accidents and protect the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrian improving safety automation degree in vehicles.

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Disclaimer: 1. This product does its best to avoid the risk of traffic collisions and provide you with a safe driving environment. However, this product cannot replace manual driving under any circumstances. Drivers should strictly abide by traffic rules. 2. According to different sensitivity settings and the driving speed of the vehicle, the warning time of the preceding vehicle anti-collision,  pedestrian anti-collision, and lane departure warning is slightly different.

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