90%oF car crashes

Can be attributed to drivers' distraction, lack of distance between cars, and inappropriate driving behavior.

Source: NHTSA 
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 


traffic accidents

can be reduced 

If all vehicles in the United States were equipped with anti-collision warning products, approximately 1.9 million traffic accidents can be reduced each year.

Source: IIHS
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)




According to AXA research data, a collision warning 1.5 seconds in advance can reduce front-end rear-end collisions by 90%

Source: AXA
Multinational insurance Company


Since 2013 MINIEYE is dedicated to provide reliable sensing and decision-making solutions for vehicles automation using AI.

Our mission is help reduce traffic accidents and protect the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrian improving safety automation degree in vehicles.

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Disclaimer: 1. This product does its best to avoid the risk of traffic collisions and provide you with a safe driving environment. However, this product cannot replace manual driving under any circumstances. Drivers should strictly abide by traffic rules. 2. According to different sensitivity settings and the driving speed of the vehicle, the warning time of the preceding vehicle anti-collision,  pedestrian anti-collision, and lane departure warning is slightly different.

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